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Yesterday something horrific happened…

I was feeling unusually lazy and instead of folding my pants I kicked them off and left them on the floor overnight. I went to pick them up in them AM only to find a cocoon spun overnight on the pant leg. I couldn’t help but lay them out and take a closer look. There was a little body inside. Apparently I got too close and disturbed what I was hoping to be a beautiful butterfly. The chompers started to tear through the cocoon and out crawled this thing.

Scary things

I happened to watch a lot of horror movies this weekend and have re-confirmed my fear of…

1. Putting my hand down the garbage disposal.
2. Being in a room with mirrors with the lights off.
3. Sleeping with my feet out from underneath the covers.
4. Spiders crawling in my mouth.

Oh and bloody mary is one scary bitch too but I guess that’s why I hate mirrors in the dark.