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Yesterday something horrific happened…

I was feeling unusually lazy and instead of folding my pants I kicked them off and left them on the floor overnight. I went to pick them up in them AM only to find a cocoon spun overnight on the pant leg. I couldn’t help but lay them out and take a closer look. There was a little body inside. Apparently I got too close and disturbed what I was hoping to be a beautiful butterfly. The chompers started to tear through the cocoon and out crawled this thing.

The Adventures of a Cardboard Box

I don’t know that I could ever compare my childhood imagination to that of this video but, here are the top 5 cardboard box memories of my own:

1. Human Mouse Trap
2. Robot Costume
3. Convertible/Boat
4. Spaceship

And best of all…

5. 30+ refrigerator boxes = maze